Olight M23 Javelot

At this point, it’s getting to where I need to start simply detailing the differences that each new version Olight offers, rather than going through all the same basics.

Pocket Theater Spotlight
Olight M23 Javelot0

Meat and Potatoes

Olight’s M232 Javelot definitely feels like a continuation of their preexisting line of Warrior lights. Certainly it is an update to the M22 Warrior. That as well was a highly focused 2-cell duty light designed for belt or holster carry. The M23 Javelot takes that quality light and adds to it a generous helping of the Javelot line of mega-throwers. No longer just highly focused, the M23 feels like it is starting to have more in common with a theater spotlight.

Sporting a de-domed Cree XP-L inside a deep, highly polished reflector, the M23 is incredibly adept at tossing a beam out to incredible levels. With over a thousand lumens on tap, there’s plenty of light to go around. Thankfully there are lower levels if you need to either extend your battery life (18650, or CR123A by the way), or attempt to refrain from blinding yourself with backscatter.

Made for throw
Cree XP-L

UI once again uses Olight’s, shall we say, advanced Warrior interface. The M23 is a 3 mode light, with mode memory. Modes are advanced by slightly loosening and re-tightening the head. in this way, the last used mode is memorized for the future. However, Olight has included their quick shortcut to High by simply double tapping the switch on your way to activation. This allows for my personal favorite setup. I like to keep the light in low mode, and just use a quick double click in order to run the maximum output whenever it’s needed. That way I default to less blinding levels, that are much more usable on a daily basis. Of course a strobe mode is available if necessary by a triple click.

Fit and finish once again lives up to Olight’s well documented levels. Actually, if anything they seem to be improving over their earlier products. Really, if you want to see good examples of anodizing or machinework, Olight does seem to have a good grasp on these concepts. The bezel especially is incredibly thick, and the barrel is durable and thick. Even the laser engraving is crisp and quality.

Constructive Criticism

I’m honestly beginning to run out of things to mention here. There are so many of these lights on the market at this point, and all companies have been slowly advancing and improving their product that there aren’t always easy points to critique. Thankfully there is my old standby, the combination protruding/recessed tailcap switch. This particular model seems to be a little more adept at fulfilling both rolls than most, but it is still an unnecessary addition in my mind. Dedicated purposefullness, such as the rest of the light, is far more attractive, in my opinion.

I hate these things
Multi-purpose tailcap

Also, the light comes standard with a steel belt clip, however, the contours present in this torch render it nearly useless. The only viable carry option is the holster, unchanged from many previous iterations of the Warrior line. That is, unless you simply slip it directly into a cargo pocket.


Once again, Olight has a quality option here. If you’re looking for a dedicated thrower, in a duty carry format, the M23 Javelot is an incredibly solid option.

Killer duty light
Olight M23 Javelot