Olight S10R Giveaway

Welcome to our first giveaway here on Layman’s Flashlight Reviews. This time we’re giving away the brand new Olight S10R Rechargeable Baton flashlight. Packed with power and loads of features, including a recharge dock, this light is sure to meet your EDC needs. Check out the full review HERE.

Olight S10R Baton
Olight S10R Baton

This contest is open to anyone in the United States. Sorry everyone else, I need to keep it local for the time being. Maybe once things get rolling better international shipping will not be so daunting.

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7 thoughts on “Olight S10R Giveaway”

  1. Dave, I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews on CandlePowerForums.com, and I share your enthusiasm for the Olight Baton series. I have an S10-L2 Neutral and a S15 Ti, both of which I use frequently. I’m glad to hear about the recessed button on the new rechargeable line, and that you find it effective in cutting down on accidental activation as compared to the older design. One further comment on the clip design… I find the clip is much easier to use on my S15 Ti, possibly because it is softer stainless steel, but more likely because it’s just longer and therefore more pliable. The S10 clip is shorter and stiffer, and that makes it harder to clip and un-clip, IMHO. I wonder if you find the same thing is true on the R series you’ve reviewed here?

  2. Nice, well organized site. I appreciate straight forward reviews because, while I am a hardcore geek and flashaholic myself, it is good to think about things from the perspective of one who might receive a new light as a gift and doesn’t understand the technology behind them the way I might. Good choice of lights to review too, by the way. Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks like a solid light, and I like the magnetic base and think it could be useful in lot of situations.
    I just got the Olight M10 Maverick and it has the same cllip. It doesn’t sit in my pocket very well but on a small light it fits on the brim of a baseball cap, making a good headlight.

  4. I became interested in flashlight when my office moved to the basement and it was dark during power outage. On the internet, I found CandlePowerForums. It was early days of LED flashlight. I bought many custom lights: McLux PD, Mr Bulk’s Lion Heart, Cub, and many more. It is a fun, but expensive hobby.

  5. I became interested in flashlights when I was young and scared of the dark. I always loved having something with me to “fight off the darkness” that I felt was always trying to get me. As I grew older the fear of darkness has gone, but the love for light producing devices has stayed, and grown. I got my first “good” flashlight as a present from a family member. It was a Coast HP6TAC. After I saw that I could get something in my hand that made that much light (at the time that was the brightest flashlight I’d ever seen) I was hooked. Always on the search for something brighter, or better, or waterproof, or rechargeable, or smaller, or something I hadn’t seen before. It is an addiction and I am perfectly okay with that. To my friends I am known as the lumen guy. I enjoy all kinds of lights from tiny pocket lights to big spotlights and I hope it is a hobby that grows with me as I get older.

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