NiteFighter BT-40S Bike Light

Bike lights are a very lucrative and quickly growing segment of portable lighting. Every company seems to want to ensure their place in the rankings with at least one light designed for illuminating dark paths best traversed at speed on two wheels. Does NiteFighter have what it takes to set themselves apart amongst all the competition?

Biking in the summer (finally)
NiteFighter BT-40S

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Lumintrek TB-1000 Trailblazer

High power portable lighting, as many of you know, isn’t just the realm of flashlights. There are times that you need illumination when you don’t have your hands free for the use of your personal pocketlight. I can’t think of a more appropriate time than when you’re speeding down a bike trail (or blazing your own) during the dead of night.

Lumintrek TB-1000 Trailblazer

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