Pila GL2 with 3W Cree LED emitter

I have liked flashlights all my life. I love reading the detailed specs driven reviews that many people post. This is not one of them. I work in a factory. I use my light every day and this review is based more on real life usage scenarios than white wall hunting. I don’t have the equipment to test output directly but I do have impressions based on comparisons.

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Brinkmann Maxfire LX

The Brinkmann Maxfire LX is the first flashlight that I ever picked up that opened my world beyond the concept that a 2D Maglight was the best there was. I’m not knocking that light, because even if it is nothing else it was a fantastic vehicle to prove to people that a flashlight can be made sturdily and not just be a piece of cheap plastic. However, the Brinkman illuminated my concept of what a flashlight should really be far beyond what I had ever seen previously.

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