Layman’s Flashlight Reviews is now offering Advertising opportunities!

Layman’s Flashlight Reviews is now offering you the chance to display your own custom advertising.

I have the capability to display either a 500 x 100 horizontal banner ad under the site header or a 250 x 250 vertical banner in the sidebar.  All banners will be placed into a pool of advertising and randomly selected upon each pageview.  Accepted formats for bannerads are GIF, JPEG, and animated GIF.  I will personally review each banner submitted and I reserve the right to request changes or decline. Banner images can be changed 1x per month as desired.


All ads will be subject to my basic pricing of $25 per banner per month.  I am offering savings if a 6 or 12 month ad is purchased. If you are interested in advertising with Layman’s Flashlight Reviews, please feel free to contact me via my contact page or email me directly at  Thank you.

Please note: Any sale of advertising space will not affect the reviews performed in any way.  Purchasing will not help provide a “better” review and also choosing not to advertise here will not be a detriment to the outcome.  I hold the integrity of honest reviews in the highest regard and will allow nothing to stand in the way of it.  Also, I am not accepting flashlights as payment for advertising.  Advertising on Layman’s Flashlight Reviews is a separate entity from the reviews themselves and I feel that by keeping them completely separate, it helps to maintain that integrity.

Advertising options

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