Many Flashlight review sites give you tons of information.  Unfortunately a lot of times they merely refer to the raw statistics, couching their review with facts and figures.  I am trying to give you, the reader, a better understanding of how these same lights hold up in day to day life.  I’ll toss in a few specs here and there, but those same things can be found just about everywhere else you look.

These pages should help more to give you a better understanding of how the lights “feel” than purely how they stack up.  A lot of times those details can make or break a good user experience.  I am striving to complete the picture given to you by the other sites and allow you to make your decisions based on complete information.

I also believe that no light is perfect.  From that standpoint, every review I perform will have a “Constructive Criticism” section where I extol my personal views of each lights areas of concern.  In this way, I strive to provide useful feedback to manufacturers hopefully benefiting future generations of lights.

In all, I hope you enjoy your stay here.  Please feel free to comment or subscribe.  Your light is waiting.